1. In How many cities is operating?
We are currently serving in Bangalore. In coming days we will be operating from different parts of Karnataka.

2. What if the Service provider does not arrive on time?
We will immediately arrange for a replacement of the service provider and it will be scheduled as per your convenience.

3. How do I identify employees? service providers will be in full uniform with company identity cards.

4. How do you ensure safety from service providers?
Employee management system is very strict in our, we do background verification of every service provider and ensure that all the necessary personal details are verified.

5. What is the Payment Process?
Once the service is completed you can directly pay to service provider by cash or you can even pay through credit/debit cards.


1. How can I become a partner with
You can enroll yourself to just by submitting a contact form in our website with all relevant details, or you can directly contact us over email - or call - (+91) 9972778877

2. What are my benefits in
Our service partners avail following benefits from Based on the customer feedback and overall performance analysis, you will be given attractive incentives.

3. How do I get leads/customers from fairly allots/provide the work based on the performance of your previous work. Frequency of leads depends on the over all work efficiency.